2024 Spring Meeting: Took place on April 17th 7PM @ Dodger Bowl

2024 Baseball Schedules

3/4 Grade Baseball Schedule

5/6 Grade Baseball Schedule

7/8 Grade Baseball Schedule


This Version of the schedule is the 2nd Phase Release.  Dates, and Home/Away is fully available.  Game Times, and Field Locations are now Mostly available. 

SWCL is working with Community Reps to finish up a couple more communities.  When fully available, the 3rd and final phase of the schedule will be released.

Schedule is as of May 20 at 10:11AM

2024 Softball Schedules

3/4 Grade Softball Schedule

5/6 Grade Softball Schedule

7/8 Grade Softball Schedule

Updated May 13th at 5:17PM

Softball End of Year Tournament

3/4th Grade- July 15-July 20

Richland Center

5/6th Grade- July 8 -July 13

Mineral Point

7/8th Grade- July 15-July 20


Spring Meeting

2024 Spring Meeting: Took Place April 17th - 7PM @ Dodger Bowl in Dodgeville

2023 Fall Meeting Minutes (Click Below)


Baseball End of Year Tournament

3/4th Grade- July 8-July 13


5/6th Grade- July 15-July 20


7/8th Grade- July 2, July 8-July 13 make up games by June 28



To Qualify for the Softball Tournament


To Qualify for the Baseball Tournament


Field Locations