Softball End of Year Tournament

3/4th Grade-July 17th-July 22nd- @ BARNEVELD
5/6th Grade- July 10th – July 15th - @HIGHLAND
7/8th Grade-July 17th-July 22nd - @ BELMONT

Fall Meeting


Wednesday September 13, 2023 @ 7PM - Site: Dodger Bowl

Dodger Bowl - 318 King St, Dodgeville

2023 Spring Meeting Minutes

Baseball End of Year Tournament

3/4th Grade- July 10th – July 15th - @ LIVINGSTON

5/6th Grade-July 17th-July 22nd – @ LANCASTER

7/8th Grade- July 6th or July 7th – July 15th - @ BOSCOBEL

To Qualify for the Softball Tournament

Coming Soon!


5/6 Grade - Top 8 Teams in each division

7/8 Grade - Top 5 Teams in each division

To Qualify for the Baseball Tournament

Coming Soon!

All regular season games must be made up by the following:
3/4 Grade Baseball- July 5th
5/6 Grade Baseball-July 12th
7/8 Grade Baseball-June 30th
3/4 Grade Softball-July 12th
5/6 Grade Softball-July 5th
7/8 Grade Softball-July 12th


Field Locations


2023 Player Roster Forms DUE MAY 14TH!


2023 Softball Roster Form

2023 Baseball Roster Form


Please send completed softball forms to Randy Hoffman (

Please send completed baseball forms to Brent Sheckler (