2020 SWCL Online Team Registration

Deadline April 8th!

2020 SWCL Team Joining the League Vote

Deadline April 8th! Only 1 vote per community and only if you are already in the division (Baseball/Softball)!


The Spring Meeting has moved to April 22nd. The Season will still start at the end of May as usual.
SWCL Update
With all of the latest news of the epidemic going around, we here at SWCL take this very seriously and want to make sure that all of the volunteers, communities, and children are safe. We will follow CDC and State mandates to protect everyone and ourselves. We are working on more online features this year to prepare for the season instead of meetings and interactions to enhance social distancing. More updates will follow on the website. Please check regularly for updates.
We do NOT plan on delaying the season. Our plan is that by the end of May when everything starts, this epidemic will be more under control and we will all need a sense of reality to get back into our normal lives again. We want to do as much online as possible this year.
Spring Meeting
At this time, the Spring Meeting is still being planned, but we are offering an online Team Registration for all communities so you don't have to attend the Spring Meeting. The deadline for this registration is still April 8th so we can still have time to make the schedule without delaying the season.
New communities would like to join the league. A separate online voting is available for this as well. Only 1 vote per community and you only have a vote if you already have a team in that division (Baseball/Softball).
Umpires Clinic
If you are interested in hosting an umpires clinic, please email Brian Michek (michekb@hotmail.com) to setup the time/place. The clinics will be on the website when they are confirmed.
Players Information
You will not need to enter the players information on the website this year. That hasn't worked so well in the past. There will be an excel document to fill out and you can submit it via email.

League 2020 Updates

Spring Meeting - Don't forget about the Spring Meeting to sign your team up. This year it will be on April 22nd at the Red Zone there in the big town of Highland - 7 pm. Anyone wishing to join the 2020 season must be there to register.

New Softball Requirement - All infielders MUST wear fielders masks.

2021 - USSSA Bats - Effective in 2021 --- USSSA bats will no longer be legal for SWCL Baseball. USA or Wood bats will only be legal for SWCL Baseball.

2020 Rules - The 2020 rules are now posted for the year.

Tournaments - 2020 Tournaments can be posted